Fresh Air Shouldn't Be a Luxury

Get an air purifier in or around Havertown or Philadelphia, PA

Clean air is something everyone deserves access to. If you want clean air in your space, turn to us for help. Aerus serves the Havertown & Philadelphia, PA area and specializes in air cleaning technology. Our systems use ActivePure® Technology and certified space technology to create purifiers that can reduce the amount of viruses and other pathogens in your office, school, retail space or home.

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Finding the right air purifier for your space

Finding the right air purifier for your space

If you want to get a purifier for your home or office, we have plenty of options to choose from. Our air purifiers include the:

  • AP500
  • Sanctuairy
  • Pure Cloud
  • Aerus Mobile
  • Guardian Angel
  • Sanctuairy Mini
  • Sanctuairy Mini EM
  • Guardian Air Home
  • Aerus Pure & Clean
  • Beyond Guardian Air

In addition to our air purifiers, we also sell other equipment that can make your home life easier. These include the Pet ReFresh and the Laundry Pro 2.0. With our exceptional products in your home, you'll have a clean space. Call 610-449-4489 now for more information on our purifiers.